…and now, I will do what’s best for me

There’s a reason why flight attendants tell you to put on your air mask first before helping the person next to you.

Between chasing my career aspirations and fitness goals, I really need to learn how to slow down and make self-care part of my daily routine. Here is the first of my Fab (and Sustainable) 5 features the top 4 headlines covering the best tips + 1 of my very own.

How to Spot Your Emotional Triggers

Key takeaway: “wherever perfectionism is driving us, shame is riding shotgun.” — Brene Brown

Actionable: I had to re-read this article 3 times because it was that powerful. The first couple times through, I skimmed the article blissfully thinking to myself: It’s not speaking to me, nope, not me. When in reality, it is speaking to me. Yes little old me.

There are certain topics that still make me feel uncomfortable such as my views on perfection, food, and gym. The one quote I loved from Mariana:

“It’s important to understand that whatever we are feeling, wherever we are hurting is caused by a reality in our lives. We mustn’t run away from these feelings, but steer away from the shame and completely own them. You are allowed to feel all the feels and take as much time as you need, but you are also responsible in learning new ways to manage these emotions (psychotherapy is a wonderful space to learn how to do this).”

While I don’t have all the answers to the things that cause me to feel uncomfortable, I am taking actions to own them. About six months ago, I’ve enlisted the help of a therapist because there’s no rule in the book that says I have to fight alone. <3

This Michelin rated chef says cooking for yourself is the best self care

Key takeaway: I’ve realized years ago that cooking makes me feel good because I’m in charge what goes inside my body. Chef Anita Lo hits it right on the head here:

“I don’t think you can really take care of other people if you’re not taking care of yourself,” says Lo. “If you can learn to love yourself — you can be a happier human being and then you can spread more happiness and you more to give.”

Actionable: Get home at a decent time and throw a party for one. Enjoy the experience sans laptop or scrolling through phone.

Self-Care Is Not Selfish. Exhale CEO Annbeth Eschbach On The Value Of Energy Management

Key takeaway: BUSY ≠ PRODUCTIVE

Actionable: I need to give myself permission to step away from my computer thinking that working straight through makes me more effective. I always dread the winters in Chiberia but I plan on bundling up and taking in the fall season along the Chicago Riverwalk this week. Be sure to check it out on the fierceconscious Instagram this week!

10 Ways To Activate Joy (Aka Practice Self Care!) In 30 Minutes Or Less

Key takeaway: Self-care can include little things and don’t have to cost a thing.

Actionable: It’s the little things. My personal favorite tip this list is to clean because:

Your external house is often times a reflection of your internal house, so once you’re able to get this in order, it can do wonders for your peace of mind.”

I know for me, keeping my desk free of clutter inspires me to do work there. Ah, it goes full-circle. 🙂

fiercelyconscious tip: Put vacation time in the books.

Key takeaway: I’m more likely to do things when I actually schedule them ahead of time.

This morning, I immediately scheduled a long weekend for my birthday, Chinese New Year, and March 2019. Next up will be securing flights. So far, the plan is to visit Grandma in San Jose in February, and Miami in March.

Bottomline: Self-love is the greatest middle finger of all time. :):)

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