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my breakup with the bathroom scale

Now here’s a radical idea — what if the journey back to optimal health is a vibrational one rather than an action-oriented one? ✨

I’ve been reading The Only Diet There Is by Sondra Ray. I came across the title listening to a Louise Hay Audible a few months back. The book isn’t that long, maybe 150 pages. It shouldn’t take me that long to read it, right? Wrong. It has taken a hot minute because it requires me to do actually do the work. 💓

I guess you can say that my resistance is softening. I’ve gotten into what I refer to as the best shape of my life and ballooned back up several times in my thirties but didn’t manage to maintain it because I couldn’t hold the vibration of a skinnier me.

For years, I thought it was all about killing myself, suffering, and proving worthiness. I still do, actually. I mean, I had an entire Instagram account that justified why I deserve to look the way I did. Maybe that’s the reason why it got hacked. Maybe that’s the Universe’s way of telling me that I need to let go of my beliefs.

Looking Beyond What Is

It seems kinda weird, right? I mean, I have an entire playbook that worked for me for years: Show up, work hard, and deprive yourself and get what you want. It’s that easy, right?

Yes and no.

The fact that I’m having a hard time running the same playbook tells me there’s gotta be more to this health journey. There’s an uncomfortable push-pull thing happening.

I have so many engines stacked in the direction of justifying my position and proving worthiness that it’s impossible to get momentum going in the other direction even though I want to.

A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking.

Abraham Hicks

Desire is always stronger than belief but getting there that way is really hard on the contents of the train. This explains why I’ve been up and down the same 35-40# in my 30s.

Abraham also uses the analogy of trying to get on a merry-go-round when it’s at full speed. You’ll just fly off of it if you tried to get on at full speed. You have to wait until it has slowed down before getting on.

Speaking It Into the Universe 📣

Getting clear is everything. 

My journey to 135-140# is fun, life giving, and enlightening. I deserve to thrive 135-140#. I will get happy and then eat. My cells are kicking ass. 

That being said, I think you’d be proud to hear that I’ve officially banished the bathroom scale for the foreseeable future. 

No more weighing in for the foreseeable future. I will focus on moving, breathing, and getting fresh air. Read that again. 

This kinda flys in the face of the brand I built on grit and suffering but who cares?

Those who don't want to come along can easily 👏 be 👏  replaced. 👏

Getting Happy Now

There is no practice life. Our power is only in the now, now, and now… 

True to what I wrote in my first ever blog post

There’s a reason why flight attendants tell you to put on your air mask first before helping the person next to you.

I put so much more than a vital and slender body into vibrational escrow. Here’s some other things:

  1. Abraham Hicks cruise. 
  2. Day trip to WeHo, staying at Kimpton Le Peer, shopping Rodeo Drive, and visiting Carrera Cafe to take all the glam Instagram pics. 
  3. Whale watching in San Diego.
  4. Turn my room into an even comfier respite. 
  5. A brilliant lifestyle brand.
  6. Two Dysons. A vacuum AND a hairdryer.
  7. Meaningful work that sings to me. 
  8. The PMP (my application to take it got approved, btw! Yay me!)
  9. …and so much more.

Now, it’s time to get happy so those things can flow to me. Until next time. <3!

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