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level up because you can (part I)

2021, aka Year of the Level Up.

I can’t believe we’re almost through Q1. 😬🙈

It’s been a really hot minute since I’ve updated. I’ve been busy living life because words don’t teach, life experience does. While it may feel overwhelming in-the-moment, I now see the events of the past few months as the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

It’s always a data-gathering experience –

I don’t like this, I like this. I don’t like this, I like this…

And on and on it goes…

These are the aces I hold in my back pocket for 2021. 📓

Leveling Up – Others’ Success Makes My 💖 Sing

This past week has been amazing.

  1. My brother got the next level up in job title and salary. 💣
  2. One of my former co-workers landed a full-time job. 💣
  3. One of my dear friends is leveling up in his role. 💣
  4. Another one of my friends got two job offers! 💣
  5. My colorist got married. 💣
  6. Tons of people got engaged. 💣

I was so happy for EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. 


When you see people around you achieving the success you want, YOU’RE NEXT. ⚡

How can you achieve that level of success by hating or judging people who’ve already attained it? Tell me how that works. Just saying. 🙄

That being said, keep leveling up, everyone. I fucking love it.

Level Up Tip #2 – Show Up and the Universe Handles the Rest

In years past, I’ve always gotten a kick out of making announcements about my goals and dreams. Since 2020,

I’ve found that it feels better to keep my ideas to myself until they hatch for everyone else to see. 

Lolllll, I’m like a manifestation ninja or something. #stealthmode 🤩

Really, I don’t need anyone’s objectivity to tell me if my dreams are achievable. People can only meet you where they are and I’d rather have my creations show it up in everybody’s faces unannounced

Leveling Up – You Can Earn Money Back but Never Time

Here’s some food for thought from the brilliant Tony Gaskins –

If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs. ⚡

Read that again. 

I’m know how much my freedom and time are worth and refuse to low-ball myself for it. FULL STOP. 🛑

How’s *that* for leveling up?

Level Up Tip #4 – Your Opinion of Me Is None of My Business

Guess what?


Once again, people can only meet you where they’re at and will hold you to their standards. Since when are you ever happy living up to someone else’s standards? 

Besides, it’s so liberating when you’ve finally let go of others’ opinions. That’s right, #judgemewhenyoureperfect ✨

Well that was fun. :))

I’m sure I’ll be back to drop more tips as I live through Q2. 🌻

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