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my biggest life lessons from 2020

Words Don’t Teach, Life Does

2020 has been a treasure trove of life lessons and most of it has left me feeling kinda lost and emotionally raw.

I’m not a fan of regurgitating the past unless it helps me move forward. If I could pick out the 🌈 and silver lining after the storm, I’m all for it.

Now that I’ve somewhat lived past *it*, I can talk about the life lessons I’ve learned thus far.

Life Lesson #1 – Forgiveness = the Ultimate Justice

The day before Thanksgiving, I came back into contact with someone whom I thought I would never speak to again. It’s hard to not blame people in the moment but after months of distancing myself from the toxicity,

I finally realize that every subject is two subjects – *what is wanted* and *what’s not wanted*. Difficult situations are there to bring clarity to what’s wanted.

Now that I look back, I thank this person for helping me gain clarity on what’s important to me. I’m happy to say that I’m being celebrated and embraced for the working genius I bring to the table these days. Actually, #iamthetable ⚑

The best part of all this?

I can now recognize *what’s unwanted* from a mile away and couldn’t be more grateful for this life skill.Β 

Life Lesson #2 – You Don’t Have to See the Entire Staircase to Take the First Step

The heart of startup life and entrepreneurship is rooted in the ability to see the dream before there’s any evidence there and trusting that the path to it will appear beneath my feet. ⚑

Just when I think I couldn’t possibly grow anymore is when I realize I’m in for the biggest surprise. I’ve been working on a huge project that seems almost impossible at first glance. Like…you’re trying to do WUT with all these moving parts? 🀯

The emotional journey has been surreal and once again, I have myself to thank for being receptive. I saw how fired up people were about what I’m doing and it gave me the inspiration to keep climbing up that proverbial staircase.

I walk in faith and trust that the path is always being revealed to me. ⚑

I talked about this in my last post – if you’re not willing to put your name on it, go do something else.

I’m proud to report that things are progressing quite nicely on my latest endeavor. πŸ™‚ The cake is starting to look like a cake and I’ve started to attract some amazing co-creators on this journey. Hopefulness and fun are now back and I’m excited to keep going.

WHEN this thing gets published, you better bet my name will be on it front and center. ⚑😎

Life Lesson #3 – Know Your Truth & Speak It Into Existence

2020 has taught me how to stand powerfully in my truth – even if it means standing alone.

To this day, I still believe that some storms are meant to clear your path. The pandemic has opened up my eyes to what I will/won’t accept from people. If you have something of value to offer this world, HELL YES. Everything else is a HELL NO.

The upside to losing a bunch of people this year?

A stronger and brighter signal for my more expansive tribe to find me more easily. πŸ’ž

2021 is going to be *that much better* because I’ve shed THAT MUCH dead weight.

Life Lesson #4 – 2021 Will Be MY Year

…and now, for a bit of magic. :):)

On 11/11, I scripted what I wanted into existence:

  • I have more money in my bank account than ever before. It’s nice to think about what to buy next.
  • I am in perfect health, I do enough exercise to make me look and feel good.
  • My family and the ones I love are also in perfect health to enjoy the extra time I have with them.
  • I work in an environment where I collaborate among expansive individuals and am recognized for what I do.

As soon as I got done scripting that, my clock read 11:11 AM and my lock screen says: Everything is always working out for me!

I love it when the Universe winks at me. /sparkle sparkle ✨

26 days until 2021 and I’m ready to take these life lessons into the new year. Here’s to endless possibilities, success, and well-being. I’m ready to be ready to be ready. 🌊

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