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there is no practice life

Read that title again. 🛑

It has been a long while since I’ve updated and I think it’s fear of not being perfect enough. Here’s the funny thing —

The moment I don’t give a rip about SEO and doing what I’m supposed to do marketing-wise, I get the most engagement. Lighthouse lifestyle is a prime example. Damn right, it’s not my job to save anyone. Read that post if you want to know why. 

Today, I’m getting on my soap-box to talk about how the time is now.

2020 has caused me to put lot into vibrational escrow. Don’t want this, must want that. I hate this, I must love that. This person is shitty, I put an equally amazing opposing version of them inside the vortex. ⚡

I’ve done a much better job at showing up authentically in many areas of my life this year. As 2021 draws to a close, it’s time to lean even moar in the direction of what I do want because after all, there is no practice life.

If I can have it any way I want…

SINCE I can have it any way I want, this is what I choose. 💪
Thank you :):)
#yasssgirl 🙌

Everyone *GIF it up* for me 🤩

Thank you. :):)

/gets off soap box. 

Until next time. 💕

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