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my greatest power = being my true self

The pandemic has helped me rediscover that being my true self = my greatest power. ⚡

Besides the obvious because-it-feels-better, it’s also because things *work out even better than I could ever imagine* when I’m being myself.

Let’s 🌮 ’bout it. :):)

Know Who You Are

Throughout my personal and professional life, I’ve discovered that there’s a recurring theme that’s really important to me.

If you’re not willing to put your name on it, go do something else. 🎤 #micdrop

Recently, I was asked to complete an exercise for another startup gig. This time, it’s for a bigger role at a much bigger shop. They asked me to assess their digital marketing efforts, point out their strengths/weaknesses, and provide recommendations.

To be completely honest, I have a love-hate relationship with this recruiting practice and here’s why:

I love it because it allows me to show them what I’m made of. I have free rein to take it and run with it. This recruiting practice also allowed me to pivot out of an 11-year retail management career into the tech world. I beat out 300 people for my first startup job and it was glorious.

I hate it because I know I’ve gotten ripped off before. Last Spring, I applied to a social enterprise startup in LA and they asked me about the brands I loved and how I would pitch them to do charity work. Shortly after I submitted that application, I see that one of my favorite clothing brands now donates a percentage of its profits to a cause that resonates with them.

This task made me feel slightly uneasy at first but I went with what my true self wanted which was to have fun and show them what I know. 

Control the Controllable & Be My True Self

In all instances, I can only control myself.

I wanted to show them the calibre candidate they’re dealing with. The end product turned out to be a designed slide deck complete with SWOT analysis and strategic and tactical recommendations. I customized the title and transition slides using their company logo and colors. I’m so proud of it I put my name on it. 💪😎

I had a lot of fun throughout the process. From conducting the analyses, to using those findings to tell a story, to letting my personality shine through by designing it exactly the way I envisioned.

Perhaps the biggest breakthrough during that exercise – 

For the first time, I felt gratitude for all the events leading up to my NOW. I would’ve never had this opportunity to be put in front of these people had I not practiced forgiveness. 🌊

All things considered, I knew I would kick myself had I submitted anything less than my best work because I feared getting ripped off. 

I stayed true to myself and embodied what’s most important to me in the moment.

Now, I wait to see where the vibrational chips fall. ✨

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