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tuning to the *manifest* station

Today, we’re gonna talk about manifesting.

I can feel so many things that are ready to *pop* in my experience these days. This includes everything that matters to me including the perfect rendezvous, personal accomplishments, material objects, and all things in between. I keep on telling myself:

So much has been orchestrated on my behalf that I don’t have to shoot myself in the foot by humaning. I need to get out of the way and let the Universe work its magic. It’s done. It’s DONE. IT’S DONE. ⚡

I know I have a concierge, an angel SWAT team, and my very own cheering section in the sky watching over me, gently guiding me, and illuminating my path every step of the way.

I don’t need to know every exact detail or see the entire picture before I start painting. My Inner Being knows where all my bugaboos are and will guide me over, under, and around all of them in the most delightful way that’s funnest to me. :):)

Letting go of resistance is about taking hold of things that are non-resistant. 🌠

One of the non-resistant thoughts that I’ve been having is daydreaming about my 2020 new year’s resolution. Normally, it’s some sort of fitness-y, muscles, career progression thing. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a given. I already know will be making marked improvements toward that part of my glorious expansion.

I am a WBFF hopeful beautiful fitgirl product marketing queen. I said it. It’s done and my job is to line up with it ─ and I will. ⚡

I am the queen of everything that matters to me, including my 2020 new year’s resolution.

::drumroll please::

I will consistently contribute to my car fund every month and buy it 2 birthdays down the line. Yup, I’m *literally driving* into my late 30s in style!

It’ll either be a Tesla (long-range Model 3) or a hybrid Lexus ES300. I’ve already built both online and I like both. My parents are already trying to sway me towards the Lexus because they don’t believe in electric cars. I’m just looking to walk into the dealership with a nice downpayment for either one and savor the journey.

Some non-resistant thoughts that I’ve been having as a result of putting it out there that I want a new car:

  • I’m beyond blessed to be faced with this type of decision. This is nothing like buying Hyuna (aka my 2013 hybrid Camry) because I drove Cameron Camry (aka the 1992 Camry my parents drove me to 5th grade in) into the ground. I love Hyuna because it’s super quiet, gets 500+ miles to the tank, and suits me perfectly. I’m super lucky to have a reliable, stylish, and fuel-efficient vehicle and how it came in perfect timing. Cameron was literally days from croaking before he got donated. It was bittersweet because there were so many memories in that car. Cameron really protected us because he got totaled 3 times between me, Mom, and my brother and all 3 of us walked away safe and sound. 💕
  • Nothing has to be done this red hot minute. I’m very happy that Hyuna has been paid off for over a year now. It’s SO nice to not have a car payment these days. (READ: I’m in no hurry to buy another car because my car is in perfectly good condition.) Not to mention my abundance is everflowing. A natural ebb and flow of in/out. 🌊
  • It feels good to make a decision and line up with it. (I made my first donation to my car fund yesterday. I didn’t mandate a set amount that *has to* make it into savings each week because specific when you’re not sure introduces resistance. I just set out to make that a part of my routine and it felt soo good.) ZERO split energy. 💡
  • I think it’ll be fun to take my parents on test drives. I plan on scheduling a test drive of both in the summer around the half-way mark as extra inspiration. 🤩 I think it’ll be really fun to watch my parents’ reaction in a self-driving car. 😂
  • I relish the idea of having my parents watch their baby girl grow up and make empowered decisions on a grander scale. My dad loves car shopping. Last time, my dad came with me to the car dealership for moral support. I test drove the car, got the exact specifications of what I wanted, and pitted 7 car dealerships in the area against each other in an online bidding war for my business. I walked in there with Dad on that fateful day and he watched me sign the papers and do everything on my own. This time, it’ll be: Yes Dad, you stand back and watch me sign the papers. We’re gonna throw Mom in the backseat! Whereto next to celebrate?!
  • Imagining the look on my dad’s face when I ask him: Wanna borrow it? /throws him the keys 😆 (Notice how I’ll never ask my mom this question, LOL! )
  • It is fun to come up with questions and research both cars thoroughly. Did you guys know that you can *literally* summon the Model 3 to meet you anywhere in a parking lot with its self-driving capabilities? Whaaaaaat?! 😱 A real-life batmobile!
  • The amazing Instagram posts I’ll generate.
    • /posts car selfie “WE always have the right of way.” #goodluckeverybodyelse 🤣
    • Rest day activity: Working on my tan and washing my car. I’m the #queenofeverything including multi-tasking. 👙😎✌
    • I don’t always eat in my car but when I do, it’s X-protein bar. Puahahahahahahahaha!

See? I don’t think that getting the car itself is going to feel better than the joy and elation I’m feeling now. You know, because:

The joy is truly in the journey. 🌊

Is this real life? Yes. It’s my life and I’m loving every moment of it! <33!

Next up: The other side projects that keep me happy. I love all my little big things. :):) 💕

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  1. What a great blog! Swat team of angels !!! Love 🥰🥰 an unsure decision creates resistance! Omg yes! An amazing written work! Watching you seriously gain astral altitude 🌈💫💕

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