Nancy's selfie at La Jolla Shores Beach

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The WBFF is slowly dropping its 2020 schedule and it’s ringing my bells.

I want to walk a bikini competition next year. :):)

I’m aware that my alignment comes from my love of lifting heavy, cooking, and telling the story of my journey. I want to inspire through the clarity of my example. ⚡

Me + My knowledge of the laws of the Universe + Inspired action = Competition ready

Thoughts are manifestations too.

99% of resources have been gathered before I even decided to lay hands on that barbell.

So much momentum has been gathered already. I know where I’m buying my suit, which pair of sparkly Jimmy Choos, and how blonde I want to be when I want to walk across that stage in LA. I also know which dress I’m buying for the evening gown round too. ✨

I also consulted my coach a few months back and as it turns out, she has coached bikini competitors too. 😎

…and that’s not all.

I’m also looking at the Booth MBA next year too. 🤗

Obviously, it’s because I want to write my ticket to San Diego doing EXACTLY what I want. Check out my pic of the cove:

Panoramic view of La Jolla Cove

I snapped this pic of La Jolla Cove in June 2018. Instagram didn’t get this one. I really don’t care that everything is $1M here. THIS is where I want to be. #nofilter needed 🌊

Oh right, I think it’ll also be fun to tell my story here. Who wants in with me? <3

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