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leaping in faith

See what I did there? 😋

I figured today is as great a day as any to put out an update. I promise, it’ll be more than once every 4 years. Creating is in my lifeblood and it’s my dream to inspire through the clarity of my example.

I’ve experienced a lot of *clarifying-trast* (or clarifying crap, lol) over the past 4+ months and I’m relieved that I’ve started to let the Wellness Stream flow back into my experience. I can’t be too loud about things *just yet* but I do want to talk about the lessons that I’ve learned along the way that will help me *take the leap* WHEN the time comes. Here we go:

Make peace with where you are. ⚡

Affirmation: I am where I am. 😌

I learned that I can’t be miserable and expect to move to where I want to be. I’ve heard it so many times from Abraham these past few months that it bears repeating: You can’t get there from there.

I went from being angry ⟶ vengeful ⟶ indifferent ⟶ hopeful ⟶ interested ⟶ fun ⟶ appreciation over the last few months. 

Yes, I had every right to be angry and vengeful given the circumstances but I chose to distract myself by focusing on the things that are going right in my experience: i.e. my health. <3. There is no law of assertion, only attraction. As soon as I started to *chill out,* things changed. Not to mention IT. JUST. FEELS. BETTER. ✨

As I slowly started to focus on the one thing that was going right, the other things started to lining up for me. I started receiving solutions and my emotions are my guide. 

Feel good and see what manifests. ⚡

Affirmation: There’s nothing serious going on here. I’m enjoying the perfect unfolding. 

How do I know that it’s coming? I experienced an emotional shift. No more googling “signs that X went well”. I KNOW I gave it everything I got and that’s that. No more talking against it or worse yet, inadvertently sprinkling resistance on my trail.

These past few months have been eye-opening, to say the least. I now know my worth and the things that I once thought were such a big deal seem like child’s play now. This brings me to another shameless plug about Gen and what she told me about being tapped into a higher frequency. (Omg, I’m getting goosebumps typing this Gen!) You know what this means guys?! I see this the same way as my Inner Being does. 😆


I didn’t come here to live in a feathered nest. I’m a creative genius who came here to sift, sort, and mix it up. I came here to put my hands in the clay. ⚡

The only reason we want anything is to feel good on the way to it. A master sculptor doesn’t want a finished product right away. It’s about getting dirty, having fun, mixing it up, and getting it *just right*. An already-produced sculpture gets about 2 seconds of admiration until it’s over. I can confidently say that where I’m at right now puts ME in a powerful position to choose.

I am the walking definition of #idowhatiwant. ⚡

Does it sound a little crazy and arrogant? Only to the sloppy thinkers who create by default. #foodforthought 💡

Affirmation: The Law of Attraction is not my mother. ⚡

I’ll explain: My mom *tries* to say things that’ll make me feel better when I feel bad. But what really happens I feel bad? The Law of Attraction says: Here’s some more, here’s some more. But when I feel good, Law of Attraction *also* says:

Here’s some more, here’s some more. 🌊

It’s the most equal opportunity law out there, no exceptions. PERIOD. 

I’m proud of myself for being so in tune with my emotions these days. The moment I notice a shift, I consciously make the effort to reach for the next better feeling thought and then the next. It could be anything.

  • The sun is shining.
  • Spring is coming.
  • Here’s what I appreciate.
  • There’s nothing serious going on here. 
  • Everything is always working out for me.
  • There’s nothing that’s better in the past that what I’ve got going on in my NOW.

I hope that I’ve provided some good food for thought. I know I’ll be using these nuggets as I prepare to leap tall buildings in a single bound soon. 💖✨

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