girl swimming under water

now what?

Doing the Unthinkable 

Well, I did it –

The perfect storm presented itself to me and I took my calculated leap of faith. That’s right, I walked away from my known hell to seek unknown heavens and I am proud of this. #micdrop 🎤

I spent the first 24 hours re-living it with Darryl and the ones closest to me. At first, I was really angry and resentful but my coach gave me a way to frame all of this. She told me,

Everyone played a perfect role for you to get to this point. Forgive them. They helped you discover what your true gifts are and the faster you feel better, the faster the the crowd you’re meant to serve appears. ⚡

She’s absolutely right. 

Getting Clear

My vision gets a little clearer each day. I have about 80% of my grand vision hammered out and I think that’s plenty. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. says,  

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. ✨

I made room for even bigger blessings in my life and now, it’s time for me to go swim. 🌈

The featured image in this post sang to me. She made the leap, now she must rely on her skills to navigate this vast open sea full of adventure and treasure.

Ok, so now what?

Being the Change I Want to See in the World

Everything I’ve learned up to this point will be put into practice for my own brand going forward. I’m going to live my truth unapologetically all day every day by embodying the following:

  • Knowing my value and only attracting those who see it. (I fricken’ love the Law of Attraction.)
  • Winning friends and influencing people because I contribute to the discussion, not because I’m the loudest vibration in the room. 
  • Being authentic and genuinely caring about peoples’ well-being, because it’s the only way to be that’s sustainable. 
  • Driving measurable growth by working smarter not harder. I will leverage free tools in unseen ways and allow my creativity to shine through on the way to the big picture.

…and now, I’m leaving you with this brilliant 1-minute clip from the amazing Gary Vee:

“Something GREAT is gonna happen but most of all, NOTHING’S gonna happen unless you do something.” – Gary Vee

Preach Gary. 

…and now, I’m off to go win my life back. ⚡


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