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letting freedom ring & setting myself free

July 4th is a day I celebrate freedom and here’s my favorite Independence Day one-liner. 😂

I see Celsius and raise you degrees of #FREEDOM!

This year, July 4th has a special meaning because I’ve decided to pursue forgiveness. 

This all started because my coach called me out for not having done “the homework” as I talked about about my wins this week on our call this morning. I shared my wins with the coaching group but I was angry. 😬

It’s true.

I haven’t done “the work” because I just can’t be motivated to work on the computer when I’m chained to it for 40 hours a week. 🙈

I realize what a cop out excuse this is as I’m typing this out now but I have my reasons for not wanting to do “the work”. 

I think it’s because addressing this stuff hurts.

Now, let’s see if I can talk about my big wins this week being less angry. 🙌

Big Win #1

I won friends and influenced people by thoughtfully contributing to the discussion. Last weekend, I left a one-word comment on a single post and managed to gain an extra 7 LinkedIn connections from senior leaders in my industry within a 12-hour period. First, it was the author of that post and then it was people who resonated with my comment. I actually posted about this on LinkedIn and received this notification today. 

screenshot of LinkedIn notification
Proud moment: #linkedin has ~1M followers on the platform. 😎

Like seriously, you don’t make this stuff up! ⚡

Big Win #2

I managed expectations like a boss this week. I learned how to negotiate without feeling guilty. Truth be told, this is a skill I wish I learned sooner but better late than never. I forgive myself. 💕

…which brings me to the subject at hand. 

What’s on the other side of forgiveness?

My single-word answer would be FREEDOM. 🙌


I understand that 

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

So what’s my hang up about letting it go?

Honestly, I think I hit it on the head this morning when I pinged one of ladies in my coaching group this morning and told her:

I think my problem is I’m still using it as a crutch because re-telling the story makes me feel like the hero.

That was such a huge unlock for me. #tearsofjoy 😭

I’m holding onto so many past hurts because re-living the story makes me feel like the hero and that’s validating. (READ: I overcame so much, now go build me a monument.)

I guess here’s where my work really comes in.

If it weren’t for this, that, and the other, I would’ve never discovered my true strengths or stepped in my true power. Without chapter 2, there can’t be a chapter 3. 

Coming out of today’s coaching call, I actually completed a tapping meditation on forgiveness this morning. Truth is, I saw this weeks ago but the thought of doing it just made me cringe. I don’t know what came over me but I completed this today. 

Lather, rinse, and repeat as necessary. 

Not that a single blog post is going to fix everything and everything will be instantly peachy again. 🍑 

I appreciate my coach calling me out this morning. By helping me shed that baggage, I can catapult into something much much greater. 🌊 

I choose to forgive. I choose to breathe. I choose freedom.


Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit.

Until next time. ✨

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